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Sitka landscoaesAbout Sitka, Alaska

    Perhaps after your visit to Sitka you can agree that Sitka and Southeast Alaska are truly indescribable. Incredible and vast mountains extend straight from the ocean to an excess of 3,000 feet to the snow-capped peeks. Sitka waterways are filled with islands and forests extending from the water's edge. Due west of Sitka we view the only volcano in Southeast Alaska, Mt. Edgcumbe, located on Kruzoff Island, a must-see sight. Then there is the odd shaped island off the south coast of Kruzoff with vertical sides, water 100 feet deep at the island shore line, and a bird santuary: St. Lazaria.

     Sitka is one of the ancestral homes of the Tlingit Nation as they settled the area thousands of years prior to the arrival of western man. Today about 30% of the local population is of Tlingit ancestry.

     Sitka was the capital of Russian America until 1867 when Russian holdings were transferred to the United States. This transfer took place in Sitka at a location near the center of town. Today Sitka carries the legacy of each of these diverse cultures.

     Sitka Sound and the nearby waterways are home to many sea mammals, the largest being the giant humpback whale that is seen year-round. Seals, Sea Lions and Sea Otter are also plentiful and are common sights.

For more information about Sitka, visit the Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau or Sitka Through Four Seasons.